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A Nutrient-Rich Meal Plan

Healthy, Nutrient-rich, Ready-to-eat delivered to your doorstep.

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Fresh produce ensures that you experience the full flavor and nutritional benefits of each meal

Crafting meals using natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals that may compromise your well-being.

Experience seamless convenience from beginning to end - enjoy daily meal deliveries and reheat your dishes in just 3 minutes.

Fresh Ingredients

Healthy Focused

Time Saver


100+ meals, chef designed and prepared recipes

Various Variety

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gd meal plan planner  (3000 x 2143 px) (2).png

Choose your ideal meal plan:

How To Order:

Pick A Meal Plan

Select your own preferred plan

Schedule Your Meals


Whether your goal is to prioritize health or shed some pounds, we have a plan just for your needs!

After you have selected your meal plan, choose the meals you want to be delivered.

We prepare and deliver freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced meals to your doorstep the following week. Simply heat them up and enjoy! Please refer to our FAQ

  • How much is a Meal Plan & How do i place order?
    To check on the pricing of our Meal Plans, do visit us at Scroll down to select your preferred plan and click on "Select" on (your preferred plan). Total 14 meals in a week and the price will be displayed at the end. You can then place your plan by checking out your cart.
  • How many meals are included for each week and per day?
    Total 14 meals per week, 2 meals per day.
  • Delivery time slot | Cut off date & time
    Our delivery time slot is 2 days in a week (Monday and Thursday only). Delivery scheduled in the morning starts from 11am. Cut off day and time is on Friday, 3pm. Orders placed after 3pm will not be accepted.
  • How many days in advance should the order be placed?
    Purchase your preferred plan at least 5 (five) days in advance.
  • How much time for cancellation an order?
    If you need to cancel your order, we will need at least 2 days excluded weekend. Please get in touch with our customer representative who will be able to assist you.
  • Customisation and Item Replacement
    The meal plan cannot be customised, and the portion sizes for each item are fixed. However, we do allow swaps for religious reasons, such as replacing beef with any chicken meal option. We will manage the item replacement.


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